Joint Research Center of Photonics of the  Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and Zhejiang University(China)

Joint Research Center of Photonics of Royal Institute of Technology(Sweden) and Zhejiang University(China)(JORCEP) was established in October, 2003. The head of the center is Professor Sailing He, Joint Chief Scientist is Professor Lars Thylén and Professor Sailing He. Currently, the center is composed of 5 professors(3 Swedish), 12 associate professors(5 Swedish), 4 post-doctorals(2 Swedish), over 10 Dural Culture PhD students, over 10 International Master Students

JORCEP is conducting several cooperative projects in the areas of research and teaching of graduate students. Specifically, it includes: 

1.Cooperative Research Team

The Cooperative Research Team was set up to enhance the communication between the research fellows and publish joint research findings. In all, its mission is to ensure that the JORCEP can acquire remarkable achievements.

2. Joint Doctor’s Degree Project

The JORCEP selects some excellent students who are in Zhejiang University or the Royal Institute of Technology to work for Joint PhD Degree. The PhD students need to study and research for 1-2 years in the other university, and finish the rest part in their own university. To avoid the course repetition, the two universities recognize the courses and research findings in each other's universities. Every student has to finish (thesis) oral defense in two universities.

3.International Master’s Degree Project

The JORCEP opened the International Master Course, whose research and education quality is taken by both the KTH and Zhejiang University. Students can study in Sweden for 1-2 years, after completing the courses, they will receive the Master’s Degree of Joint of KTH and Zhejiang University.

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Administrative Assistant: Qiaoling Jin, Tel.: 0571-88206513, E-mail: