Institute of Optical Engineering

There are five Professors and five associate professors in the Institute of optical Engineering. Their research interests mainly focus on hybrid refractive/diffractive optical imaging, optical testing and instrumentation, color optics.

They have developed infrared refractive/diffractive optical systems and panoramic annular imaging systems, which have been used for pico-satellites. They have also developed several scientific instruments and systems, such as sparse micro-defects evaluation system for large optical components, Long focal-length measurment system, transient pulse laser diagnosing interferometers, high-speed flow field visualization system, solar-blind UV imaging systems, versatile sphere & aspheric interferometric testing systems, polarized micro-pulse lidar, etc. In addition, a high-performance LED lighting platform has been established to enable the adjustment of various lighting-quality parameters such as light shape, distribution, SPD, CCT, illuminance, CRI, etc. This institute has built up strong connection with leading international labs and industries. In the past five years, there are more than 100 scientific papers published and more than 20 patents issued. 

Research Fields:

  1. Infrared hybrid refractive/diffractive optical systems, Panoramic annular optical imaging systems, Laser direct writing with high resolution.
  2. Micro-optical Accelerometers, Testing of long focal length for large aperture lens, Precision optical alignment
  3. The blind vision navigation technology
  4. Sparse micro-defects evaluation system, Optical interferometric testing and instrumentation, High speed flow field 3D diagnosis and visualization, Solar blind visible-UV imaging and application, Aspheric and free-form optics metrology
  5. Atmospheric and ocean remote sensing lidar
  6. Color science, Imaging technology, Illumination engineering

Main Achievement:

1、Infrared Refractive/Diffractive Hybrid Optical Systems: Athermalzation for infrared optical system has been obtained based on diffractive technique.

2、Staring Panoramic Annular Imaging: Panoramic annular imaging optical system with side-view of 360 degree has been manufactured based on CFP(Cylinder-Flat-Perspective).

3、Autofoucs technology: the theoretic analysis, sample fabrication and mass production have been completed, and autofocus technology has been applied to microscopy, surveillance system and remote camera.

4、Stabilization and restoration of motion image: image stabilization and restoration based on motion detection compensated effectively vibration influence (about 90%), improved remarkably remote image quality and extended image ability and adaptability of remote imaging system.

5、Optical systems including zoom lens, spectral analysis, laser and infrared optical systems, FFR headlamp design software, stray light analysis software, optical system thermal analysis and design software, light transmission simulation in irregular inhomogeneous medium.

6、Digitizing evaluation and testing system of defects for super-smooth surface is based on the techniques of optical microscopy scattering imaging and mathematical morphology processing algorithms. Various defects of scratches, bubbles with micron-scale can be rapidly detected and quantitated.

7、Color Management System of Digital Imaging Device. The key techniques of modern color management system were solved for the scanner and digital camera, CRT and LCD, printer and etc. as the typical input, softcopy and hardcopy output devices of digital images, which are academically valuable and extensively applicable.

Picco-satellite panoramic annular imaging system Sparse micro-defects evaluation system Optical alignment


Three-wavelength high-spectral-resolution lidar Visual pathway model Situation of LED lighting


Director: Jian Bai   Associate Director:Dong Liu   Kaiwei Wang