Joint International Research Laboratory of Photonics


Joint International Research Laboratory of Photonics (JIRLOP) was established in 2015, which was approved by the Ministry of Education of China. JIRLOP is a collective force of the world-class research teams on photonics from Zhejiang University (ZJU), University of Rochester (UR) and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Being an independent research center consisting of laboratory council, academic advisory committee and principal investigators, the vision of JIRLOP is becoming a world-leading laboratory of photonics pursuing discoveries in the areas of photonic devices and advanced photonic instrumentation.

JIRLOP has committed to boost international collaboration. The laboratory has been collaborating closely with research institutes from KTH, UR, and Ghent University to participate in international research in the following areas: 

(1) Photonic devices,

(2) Integrated photonic devices,

(3) Advanced photonic instrumentation.


Laboratory Council:

Prof. Jianhua Yan, Vice president of Zhejiang University

Prof. Ramon Wyss, Vice president for international affairs, Royal Institute of Technology

Prof. Peter Lennie, University of Rochester Provost


DirectorProf. Xu Liu  Tel: 0571-87951758