Institute of Laser Biomedicine


The Institute of Laser Biomedicine aims to the promotion of optical instrumentation in modern biomedicine and environmental monitoring by advanced laser technology. An integrated research group from professionals with diverse backgrounds is formed at this interdisciplinary field. Advanced Laser technologies focus on the development of Laser technology and other novel light sources. Optical imaging and environmental monitoring dedicate to novel method and instrumentation for biomedical applications. Image processing and analysis is to extract clinical relevant information for early detection and diagnosis. Continuous financial supports including national 973 project, national 863 project, and national natural science foundation have been granted. Awards of the Second Prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology and the Teaching Achievement Prize of Zhejiang Province have been received. International standards IEC62341-6-3 and IEC 62471-4 are formulated under the responsibility of the professor from our institute. The Institute of Laser Biomedicine is dedicated to be an internationally renowned research teamand a training base for Master and PhD candidates in the area of Laser biomedicine.

Currently, there are 4 professors and 5 associate professors in the institute. Commercial equipment including 22-Na point source, supercontinuum laser source, high-speed swept source, PMTs, infrared brain waves detector, impedance analyzer and several established systems for biomedical applications are available.


Main research areas:

1. High power and high brightness solid-state laser technology

2. The structural and functional OCT technology and applications

3. Label-free optical microangiography technology and application

4. Novel detector and PET system

5. Biomedical image processing and analysis

6. Surface plasmonic resonance biosensor

7. Water resources and marine environmental detection and instrumentation


Contact Us:

Director:  Prof Zhihua Ding    +86-571-87951194

Deputy Director: Prof. Ke Si   +86 571-87951187

Deputy Director: Prof. liuhf    +86 571-87952652