Institude of Optoelectronic Information Detection Technology

The institute of photoelectric information detection technology has 12 faculty staff, including 5 professors, 5 associate professors, 2 research post-doctors. The institute is located in the NationalOpticalInstrumentEngineeringTechnologyResearch Center. In recent years, the faculty has secured about 50 fundings from the government and industries. There have been >200 journal papers published and >30 patents issued. The following major research fields are included.

Main research fields:

(1)      Optoelectronic technologies for precise detection

(2)      STM and AFM microscopy

(3)      Advanced medical endoscope technology

(4)      2D/3D imaging, and machine vision applications



Prof. Yan Huimin,Tel:0571-87952315

Associate Director:

Prof. Zhang Haijun,Tel:0571-87953004,  Associate Prof. Wang Liqiang,  Tel:0571 - 87952315  Prof. Lin Bin, 0571-87952314