Institute of Optoeletronic Technology

The Institute of Optoelectronic Technology is composed of two research groups, which are focused on Integrated Optoelectronics and laser technologies, respectively. The group of Integrated Optoelectronics is aimed to develop novel active and passive integrated photonic devices for optical communications and sensing. This group has 2 professors, 3 associate professors. The leader is Prof. Jian-Jun He, who is a Cheung-Kong Distinguished Professor, and a OSA Fellow..The group of Laser Technology has 1 professor and 1 associate professor, who are mainly focusing on the frontiers techniques and applications of laser, especially high-power fiber lasers and mid-infrared lasers. The following major research fields are included.

(1) Optical communication devices, including semiconductor laser, modulators, amplifiers, detectors and wavelength switches, etc.


(2) Optical sensing devices: health-monitoring lidar, optical sensor.

(3) Ultra-fast laser technique

(4) High power pulsed fiber laser

(5) Mid-infrared laser

(6) Domain reversed nonlinear crystal

(7) laser-based detection

(8) laser spectrometry

Novel tunable semiconductor laser:

Tunable semiconductor laser is a key component for next generation optical networks. We proposed and demonstrated a novel compact, high performance and low cost tunable semiconductor laser using a novel V-cavity structure. By using a novel half-wave coupler, single-mode operation with high side mode suppression ratio is obtained, and the Vernier principle is used to achieve wide wavelength tuning range. The chip size is only 500 µm × 300 µm. 

High-sensitivity silicon waveguide sensor:

We proposed and experimentally demonstrated a highly sensitive waveguide sensor based on two cascaded micro-ring resonators employing Vernier effect. The sensor has a large tolerance to the wavelength and power stability of the light source, and has advantages of high-sensitivity, simple and fast analysis, temperature insensitivity, compactness and suitability for high-density array integration. Label-free biosensing experiments have been demonstrated using the sensor integrated with microfluidic systems. Cascaded Mach-Zehner interferometer and ring resonator have also been demonstrated for high sensitivity sensors.



High efficiency nonlinear conversion laser systems based on PPMgLN

MOPA structured linearly polarized


high power pulse fiber laser
Half-wave coupled V-cavity tunable laser chip (0.5mmx0.3mm) and emission spectra of the V-cavity tunable laser


Director: Professor Yonghang Shen




Deputy Director: Associate Professor Longhua Tang,