National Engineering Research Center of Optical Instrumentation



       Approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Engineering Research Center of Optical Instrumentation of Zhejiang University was founded in 1994. In both 2002 and 2007, the Center passed the national assessment.
Since its foundation, supported by the Department of Optical Engineering and related disciplines of Zhejiang University, the Center has achieved many great results in the fields of optical engineering, optoelectronic technology and image processing. Recently, through jointly undertaking projects, such as the State's High-tech Industrial Demonstrative Projects from NDRC, national 863 projects, National Torch Program Items and NSFC projects, with related enterprises, the Center has improved R&D ability.At the same time, the Center has cooperated with many local governments and enterprises to build joint research centers and expand research bases, as a result, billions of direct and indirect economic and social benefits are produced.

Main research fields:
I. Optical imaging and digital image processing technology, including CMOS and CCD image sensors, 3D imaging, Image recognition, High-definition microprojection display. 
II.Optical detection and Metrology technology, including Optical interference, Machine vision.
III. Optical technology in biology and health care, including Endoscope, Microarray Reading, Microfluidic chip Detection,  Dental Fluorescence.
IV. LED illumination, including LED application model in public and household lighting.
V. Optical & Photoelectric components and devices, including OLPF, PSD, Micro-fabrication technology.  
Main cooperation forms
I. undertaking new products and new technology development of enterprises commission
II. transfer of technology results to enterprises
III. undertaking scientific projects with enterprises
IV. jointly set up engineering research center or industrial base with enterprises
contact info
Director: Yan Huimin Prof., Tel057187952315
Associate Director: Lin Bin Prof., Tel
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Associate Director: Ye Zi Senior Engineer, Tel