International Exchange Program

Sep 11

Thecollege has built up strong international cooperation for research andeducation with many institutes in the world, including Hamamatsu PhotonicsCorporation (Japan), theRoyal Swedish Institute of technology (KTH,Sweden), Rochester University (USA),etc. Currently, there are about 70 graduate students recommended to studyaboard every year. The undergraduates also have the opportunities to visit someof the top universities through the exchange programs. In 2017, more than halfof the undergraduate students go abroad for different international exchangeprogram, and in 2018, more than 70% of the undergraduate students have theopportunities.


HamamatsuPhotonics -COSE Summer Research Program

Universityof Illinois at Urbana Champaign China Executive Leadership Programs-InformationScience & Engineering Summer School Program

BostonUniversity- COSE Summer Research Program

KTH-COSEExchange Program


HamamatsuPhotonics -COSE Joint Training Program

KTH-COSEResearch Program

Lund University Graduate Program