Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering

The Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering is originated from the optical thin-films group of Zhejiang University in 1960’s. Optical coatings and optoelectronic thin-film devices play very important roles in modern optical systems. Currently, the institute is focusing on optical thin-films and devices, as well as advanced display technologies (including 3D display, projection display, LED display). The Institute is also working on the new technologies for precision detection and super-resolution optical imaging for the next-generation microscopy, and environment monitoring.




The institute has 7 full professors (including one Distinguished “Cheung-Kong” Professor, a Thousand-Youth professor), one associate professor, two technicians and two postdoctors. The facilities include a 1.3m E-beam coating machine, a MBE machine, a IBS coator, an ALD coating machine, a Olympus reflectormeter, a UV 3600 spectrometer, a Nikon microscope and a femto-second laser system, etc. The following major research fields are included.

(1) Optical coating, technology

(2) Nanostructure thin-film devices

(3) Non-imaging optics and free-form illumination

(4) Optical super-resolution imaging and computation imaging

(5) Display techniques

Director: Prof. Xu Liu      Tel86-571-87951758

Associate Director: Prof. Haifeng Li,    Tel:86-571-87951758