The Optical Imaging Engineering Institute Zhejiang University, is dedicated to actively engaging in projects of national strategic importance, such as digital imaging, image processing technology for aerospace and astronautic devices. Our Institute also has a strong research arm focused on a broad range of relevant topics, including optical system design, optical imaging technology, image processing, optical radiation, among other topics.

Our current staff consists of 10lecturers and research supervisors, 5 of them are Professors, and 1 is awarded the title of QiuShi Distinguished Professors. Our student cohort consists of 20 Ph.D. candidates and 25 Master degree students. We are responsible for many national-level projects, as well as numerous delegations from our corporate partners. The curriculum offered by our outstanding teaching staff features 12 courses at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, including Geometric Optics, Physical Optics, and Modern Imaging Technology, etc. In addition, our teaching staff is supervising about 15 undergraduate capstone projects each year, as well as many SRTP training programs.

The institute has actively participated in major national projects. In recent years, the Institute developed and equipped optical systems for the Chang E No2.,No3.and No5-Test satellite.

Main Research Fields:

1. Optical System Design and Development

2. Optical Imaging Technology and Engineering

3. Radiation and Image Processing Technology



Another optical system designed by our institute embedded in Chang E III and commissioned to capture the entire landing phase on the moon surface and succeeded; this was the first time that China successfully takes pictures of the moon surface at such level of proximity.



Chang E V Test satellite was launched with our innovations: our institute provided both the theoretical grounds and the prototype for the dual-resolution imaging system. The imaging system has successfully taken a ‘selfie’ featuring both the Earth and the Moon.

Contact Us:

Director:  Prof Huajun Feng    +86-571-87951182

Deputy Director: Prof. Xiaotong Li   +86 571-87952302

Deputy Director: Prof. Haisong Xu   +86 571-87952652