1. 1952, Built up the undergraduate Program of “Optical Instrumentation”

2. 1960, Established the department of Optical Instrumentation Engineering

3. 1978, Built up the graduate program of “Optical Instrumentation” and “Measurement Technology and Instrumentation”

4. 1984, Built up the PhD program of “Optical Instrumentation”

5. 1985, Established the postdoctoral workshop of Scientific Instrumentation

6. 1988, Optical Instrumentation at ZJU was proved as one of the first batch of national key discipline

7. 1989, Established State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation

8. 1990, Established the department of Optoelectronics & Scientific Instrumentation

9. 1994, Established National Engineering Research Center of Optical Instrumentation

10. 1998, Established the Department of Optical Engineering

11. 2007, Established National Defense Key Discipline Laboratory

12. 2010, Established Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory for Sensing Technologies

13. 2015, Established the College of Optical Science and Engineering

14. 2015, Established Joint International Research Laboratory of Photonics

15. 2016, Established Joint International Research Centre of Photonics