COSE Volunteer activities in West Lake Scenic Area went smoothly during National Day, 2021


In the golden autumn of October, when the autumn was supposed to send cool weather, the temperature in Hangzhou remained high. Despite hot temperature, COSE organized a group of students to take part in volunteer activities by the West Lake. They made contributions to the management of West Lake Scenic Area on behalf of Zhejiang University.

The weather was extremely hot, but the hearts of the volunteers were even hotter. The scenic area was divided into five districts. Wearing a red hat with the logo of "Zhejiang University", each volunteer performed his own duties, and conducted various volunteer activities in the specified areas.

Some volunteers took the initiative to help the staff to sort the garbage. They wore gloves and carried plastic bags, patrolling back and forth. Cigarette butts randomly discarded on the road, ice cream packaging accidentally dropped on the ground, beverage bottles under the chairs, plastic bags floating on the shore and peels scattered on the grass, etc. -- no matter how big or small-- cannot escape volunteers’ glaring eyes. They were picked up at once. They contributed to the defending the beautiful West Lake with their action, where "light makeup and thick wipes are always suitable".

Some volunteers were sent to the West Lake Expo Museum and responsible for checking the health codes and reservation status of visitors entering the museum. Although the museum did not have as much traffic as outdoor scenic spots, our volunteers were still overwhelmed during the peak period of tourists. Fortunately, most tourists consciously abided by the epidemic prevention regulations and appointment requirements of the scenic spot. They made an appointment online before heading to the West Lake, which enabled everyone to enter the museum very quickly. For tourists not making an appointment, they also got patient help.

There also existed volunteers responsible for the traffic around the scenic area. They found that roads were always narrow, and sidewalks could hold only for two pedestrians. However, some tourists who were anxious tended to lock up shared bicycles at will and went away. Shared bicycles that should have been convenient for everyone became roadblocks, increasing the congestion on the sidewalk. In line with the heart of serving others, the volunteers quickly removed the shared bicycles on the road and placed them in a designated position in an orderly manner, which not only removed obstacles on the road, but also made it convenient for those who want to use shared bicycles.

ZHAO Zetian and XIA Yujie gave full play to their volunteer spirit. They contacted the Hangzhou Party History Museum by the West Lake, where they assisted the staff and provided engraving printing to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of CCP for the children who came to visit and study. At the museum, visitors can print the oath of joining CYP the oath of joining CCYL, and the oath of joining CCP by themselves to enhance the visit experience. They witnessed the scene where the immature faces came over with curious expressions, and finally unveiled their own works with their hands dyed in ink, showing a proud and proud look. At the time, they forgot the hardship and tiredness of the day. The principal of the Party History Museum also thanked the volunteers for taking the initiative to contact the Party History Museum for volunteer activities during the epidemic. He also expressed their welcome to the long-term volunteer cooperation between the museum and COSE. It was not only affirmation of our work, but also a deeper responsibility for us.

In addition, there were volunteers who gave directions to tourists, maintained crowd order, and took pictures for couples. It is worth mentioning that the activities of our volunteers were reported by media, and the volunteer activities were also listed among hot items on Weibo, which reflected the realistic spirit and unique style of our volunteers to the public, making contributions to COSE and Zhejiang University.

In general, this volunteer activity increased the harmony and order of the West Lake during the National Day holiday, demonstrated the spirit of seeking truth from Zhejiang University and the spirit of volunteer service. They also increased experience and learned the methods of solving problems. The volunteer activities have added a distinctive color to the West Lake during the National Day vacation.