Congratulations! COSE team won the gold medal in “Internet +” Competition


In the golden autumn of October, the 7th China International College Students’ Internet + Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was officially held at Nanchang University. Zhejiang University performed well in the competition and won 10 gold awards, including 6 gold awards for the main track, 1 gold award for the Red Tour track, and 3 gold awards for the international track. The number of gold awards hit a record high. The fiber optic intelligence team of our college won the first prize in the creative group of graduate students of the higher education main track and won the gold medal.

Brief introduction for the top awarded team

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Project leader: PAN Jing

Recommended college: College of Optical Science and Engineering

Instructors: ZHANG Lei, TONG Limin, RUAN Junhua

Group: Graduate Creative Group

The Fiber Intelligence team was born in the research group of Prof. Tong and Prof. Zhang, COSE, Zhejiang University. They are determined to apply nano optical fiber in flexible sensing technology to resolve machine tactile, flexible sensing, health monitoring and other issues. The nano optical fiber sensor is tiny in size, light weight, but extremely sensitive. The nano optical fiber tactile sensor developed by the team has been used in the detection of physiological indicators such as pulse and heart rate, automatic picking of vulnerable fruits and vegetables, and artificial robot touch. Now the team was recognized and recommended by industry experts and reached cooperation intentions with many companies. They are expected to bring nano optical fiber flexible tactile sensors to daily lifer.

Since 2017, COSE has won 4 gold medals and 2 silver medals in the China International College Students’ Internet + Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, demonstrating the youthful demeanor of COSE students who dare to innovate and strive to be the first.

Congratulations again to the awarded team! We believe that they will be able to obtain higher achievements on the road of entrepreneurship! We also hope that COSE students can actively exert their innovative spirit and entrepreneurial ability and achieve more accomplishments in domestic and international competitions.