COSE welcomes new graduate students


At 18:30 on September 13, 2021, the opening ceremony of 2021 graduate students of COSE was held at Room 301, Teaching Building 3, Yuquan Campus. Party Secretary Yuling Liu, Deputy Dean Zhenrong Zheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Danwen Zheng, Director of the Institute of Optical Imaging and Detection Technology Zhihai Xu, Moral Education Instructor in the Institute of Optical Engineering Yibing Shen, Moral Education Instructor in the Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering Yaoguang Ma, Moral Education Instructor in the Institute of Optical Imaging and Testing Technology Bo Yuan, Moral Education Instructor of the Optical Inertial Technology Engineering Center Tengchao Huang, Moral Education Instructor of Laser Biomedical Research Institute Bo Wu, Yubing Han from the  Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering, Laboratory Security Secretary Peijun Cai, Graduate Department Ying Zhao, Foreign Affairs Secretary Haochen Yu, and all the 2021 COSE graduate students attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Meng Cha, a COSE counselor.

First, everyone stood up and sang the national anthem. In this solemn national anthem, every teacher and student will engrave their patriotism in their hearts. At the end of the national anthem, Yuling Liu, secretary of the Party Committee of COSE, gave a welcome speech. She briefly described the hard work of the COSE members over the past sixty-nine years and the glorious achievements today. Secretary Liu said that the current situation is undergoing unprecedent major changes over a century. She encouraged students to be ambitious, down-to-earth, innovative as well as ethical, uphold the school motto of "seeking truth, pursuing innovation" to enhance the ambition, backbone, and confidence of being Chinese and work hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Afterwards, Prof. Xu gave a speech as the representative of graduate mentors. Based on his own research experience, he put forward two suggestions: one was to be brave to challenge and be persistent, and the other was to be a graduate student with dreams. The students should combine their own future and destiny with the development of the country and contribute to the society more proactively. He hoped that the students would have a long-term vision and be willing to contribute, instead of becoming a refined egoist.

During the sharing of the representatives from old and new graduates, the 2020 doctoral student Bowen Cui combined his own learning and practical experience to encourage everyone to always maintain sufficient self-confidence, be bold in scientific research, dare to ask questions, not be afraid of arguments, and strive to burst out your own unique brilliance. The freshman representative, Jiahan Tian, said that he will shoulder the important task entrusted by the times, face the serious setbacks that may be encountered in the future with the spirit of advancing forever, the courage to innovate, the great perseverance. He was determined to devote himself to science and technology and strive to be a patriot.  

Yimou Luo, member of the Presidium of the Postgraduate Union, led all the students to solemnly swear an oath of academical integrity. The solemn atmosphere strengthened the students' determination to hold their responsibility to life and academics.

In the second part, Zhenrong Zheng, the Deputy Dean of COSE, gave a special report on postgraduate education. Prof. Zheng first introduced the basic situation of the college structure, research interests, key teachers, talent training, etc. and then expounded on the postgraduate education philosophy, overall education guides and curriculum settings. He also emphasized that students should attach significant importance to academically integrity and standardized references, and strictly abide by rules and regulations. 


Prof. Wu from the Laser Biomedical Research Institute gave a lecture on laser safety and protection, reminding students to always regulate experimental operations and pay attention to experimental safety. Research Scientist Yubing Han from the Institute of Optoelectronic Engineering gave a lecture on chemical safety, reminding everyone to pay attention to the use of chemicals and manage of waste to prevent fires.