The Ninth Opt-Sci-Tech Competition of Zhejiang University successfully ended


On June 26, 2021, the final of the Ninth Opt-Sci-Tech Competition of Zhejiang University was grandly held on the Yuquan campus. Prof. Kaiwei Wang hosted the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, the participating teams draw lots to determine the order of competition. Prof. Yaocheng Shi, also assistant to the dean of the COSE, the members of the competition instructor and referee group, including Kaiwei Wang, Liqiang Wang, Bo Yuan, Bo Wu, Yuanfang Lin, Chunao Wen, Wenyi Zhao, Xiaodong Zheng, Peng Li, and 123 participants from 42 teams participated the opening ceremony.

First, Prof. Shi made an opening speech. He introduced the organization profile and reward policy of this competition and encouraged students to continue their devotion after the school-level competition. He hoped that students would actively participate in the competition and make every effort to win best scores. He also wished that all the students would improve their practical and innovative ability and strive to achieve best scores in the coming East China District Competition and the National Opt-Sci-Tech Competition held in Shenzhen. Afterwards, Dr. Liqiang Wang explained in detail the rules and scoring standards of the two competition questions.

There are two competition questions. The first is the Non-destructive measurement of apple Brix level based on smartphones, and the second is Multitask garbage sorting vehicles. Q1 was held in Room 213, Teaching Building 3 and Q2 was held in the Opt-Sci-Tech Competition Practice Base on the 6th floor of Teaching Building 3.

A total of 28 teams participated in Q1 and 2 competition fields were in parallel. The participating teams were required to complete the acquisition of the apple image, image processing and measurement within the specified 6 minutes and submit the measurement results after the team leader’s confirmation and signature. The referee performed calculations based on the recorded results and obtained the actual score of each team.

A total of 14 teams participated in Q2. The participating teams were required to let the sorting vehicles start from the designated location, instantly search for garbage, identify, and sort the garbage to the designated garbage dump. All the operations were limited within 6 minutes. The participating teams fully took advantage of their wisdom and completed the task. Their scores were assessed according to the amount of garbage picked / the time used. After the game is completed, the team leader would sign to confirm the result.

After physical competition, defense and expert review, a total of 5 first prizes, 8 second prizes, and 9 third prizes were produced. So far, the Ninth Opt-Sci-Tech Competition of Zhejiang University had come to a successful conclusion.

The students who participated in this competition have the courage to break through themselves, dare to think and practice, apply theory to pragmatic projects, and effectively improve their engineering ability and overall quality.