The 2019 winter trailwalk activity of the College of Optical Science and Engineering was held


 On December 21, 2019, the winter trailwalk activity of the College of Optical Science and Engineering successfully concluded.

 In order to ensure the smooth running of trailwalk activity and the proper setting of the stations along the way, volunteers went to the determined trailwalk route in advance to step on the spot on December 7th.

 In order to ensure the safety of all members during the trailwalk process, volunteers specially invited the students of Zhejiang University to provide first aid training on December 13th. The students of Red Cross Student Branch introduced theoretical knowledge and practical steps of resuscitation in detail, and led everyone to practice. And the staff also sorted out many necessary first aid knowledge in advance, and the volunteers learned these knowledge in their spare time.At 7:00 on December 21st, the volunteers made the last weather confirmation.  

 Although the weather was gloomy and rainy, the winter trailwalk activity of the College of Optical Science and Engineering began at the Yuquan Library at 8:30 am on December 21, 2019. The staff instructed the relevant precautions, and distributed the badge and map for this trip. Then, the participating students and volunteers began to walk to the destination-North Peak. Two volunteers stayed behind waiting for the classmates who were blocked on the road. This route is the same as in previous years, which will pass Laohe Mountain and Lingfeng Mountain, after reaching the north peak, they will return to Yuquan Campus.

 There are two setting stops along the way and volunteers prepared some games, hoping to add more fun to this journey. However, because the forward members were too fast, everyone almost moved forward quickly, and unknowingly passed the first station. Until students came to a red pavilion on the way, they started our first game-knowledge competition. As soon as the volunteers came up with the prepared question bank, the members of the two groups got together and formed a group to start thinking about the answer. After a while, there were cheers for successful answers and annoyances for failed answers. Everyone laughed and made a laugh under the influence of the atmosphere.

 Taking advantage of everyone's interest, volunteers decided to continue the second game-song quiz. Everyone enjoyed in this game. The simple game made the students forget the fatigue of walking along the way. The students regained their spirits and continued to move forward with the confidence of reaching the summit.

At the North Peak, students took a group photo in the pavilion to commemorate this winter trailwalk.