Dr. Igor Veselovskiy from Institute of Basic Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences visited Zhejiang University


Dr. Igor Veselovskiy, Director of the Physical Instrument Research Center of the Institute of Basic Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, visited Zhejiang University and carried out a series of academic exchange activities, invited by Professor Liu Dong from the College of Optical Science and Engineering of Zhejiang University.

During the visit, Dr. Veselovskiy visited the laboratory of professor Liu Dong's research group, had in-depth discussions with professor Liu and other students, and made an academic report entitled "Potential of multi-wavelength Raman lidar measurements for characterization of particle properties: Expectation and Challenges".

At the lecture, Dr. Veselovskiy first introduced the basic principles of aerosol detection and its necessity and introduced the basic principles and system design of multi-wavelength Raman laser lidar. And combined with detection examples, he introduced multi-wavelength Raman laser Radar inversion method and uncertainty analysis method. Finally, Dr. Veselovskiy introduced the application of Raman spectroscopy in gas detection and briefly explained and prospected the fluorescence effects of clouds and aerosols.

Subsequently, Dr. Veselovskiy and students discussed deeply on a series of issues such as lidar system design, aerosol microphysical property inversion algorithm, sand and dust aerosol depolarization ratio analysis and aerosol distribution model. This exchange visit made students exposed to advanced technologies and research results in related research fields, which is of great help to future research and study life.

A brief introduction to Dr. Igor Veselovskiy

Igor Veselovskiy, senior researcher and director of the Physical Instrument Research Center of the Institute of Basic Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, joint research scientist at the Joint Center for Earth System Technology of the University of Maryland, served as a guest researcher at NASA from 2001 to 2018, and as a visiting professor atUniversity of Lille, France from 2009 to 2019. He has more than 20 years of experience in characterizing aerosol characteristics using multi-wavelength Raman lidar.