The English Original Course taught by Prof. Arash Rahimi-Iman from the University of Marburg


In the fallsemester of 2018, under the strong support from ZJU’s Undergraduate School andCollege of Optical Science and Engineering (COSE), Prof. Arash Rahimi-Iman fromthe University of Marburg, Germany, gave a series of lectures on the English originalcourse on Semiconductor Quantum Structures for Photonic Devices (SQSPD). Prof.Zhenrong Zheng is the responsible teacher of this course and Prof. Wei Fang isthe assistant teacher.

(Prof. Rahimi-Iman is introducing the epitaxial growthof quantum dots)

The quantum mechanicsand semiconductor physics taught in this course are essential for students tounderstand the frontiers of modern optics and nanophotonic devices. In class,Prof. Rahimi-Iman used very clear expression to explain the abstract theoriesof quantum mechanics and semiconductor physics and made them easy for students tounderstand.

(Prof. Rahimi-Iman was answering questions from students)

Prof.Rahimi-Iman preferred an interactive teaching method rather than just speakingalong. He encouraged students to think actively in class and raise questionswhenever they were confused. After each class, Prof. Rahimi-Iman would stay inthe classroom for a while to discuss with students.

Other thantaught in English, this course required students enrolled to give presentationin English by the end of the quarter. This activity mimicked an ambience ofinternational conference, and gave every student a chance to practice theirpresentation skills.

(Group photo for this course)

With this course, Prof. Rahimi-Iman explores the wonderland of quantum world, and welcomes any student to enroll or sit in this course.