Newcomer to UIUC---Students from the College of Optical Science and Engineering go to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to participate in the "Information summer school" project

Jul 30

On July 21st, 14 students from our freshman to junior college went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) to exchange and study. The project includes several courses in informatics, including artificial intelligence, control systems, network analysis and other courses, as well as some activities organized by UIUC to understand the local customs of the school and the United States. From the time we got off the plane, we entered the English-speaking environment. In the constant communication, our English expression ability has also been improved. Due to the late arrival of our flight, the time to arrive at the school is close to 8:30 in the evening, but Teacher Matt of UIUC still greeted us at the entrance of the apartment and helped us to check in. On the first day, we took the break and slept early after finishing the room to adjust the time difference, being prepared for the following study.

Image 1. Chicago OHare International Airport


Image 2. Dormitory

In the next two days, UIUC arranged for us to introduce campus visits and other activities. We are also guided us to register and complete the campus card used at school. During the visit, we visited various buildings of UIUC, including libraries, teaching buildings, laboratories, etc. At the same time, we also learned at the briefing that UIUC is a strong research academic in science and engineering, business and other fields, cultivatinga large number of big experts. Since this is summer vacation, there are not many students on the campus, and the whole campus is quiet and academic. It can be seen from the two days of visits and introductions that UIUC is one of the top American research universities in science and engineering. We are also interested in and expecting the following courses.

Image 3. Picture in front of the famous sculpture of UIUC

Image 4. Library of science and technology

  After a few days of familiarity with the campus, the formal courses began. According to different choices for each person, we went to various classes according to different time periods. Prof. Svetlana Lazebnik, given "Artificial Intelligence" class, introduced the development and application of artificial intelligence, such as search algorithms and game games, in this week's class. Prof. Jana Diesner, given "Network Analysis" class, vividly and interestingly described the various concepts of the network through various examples. In order to consolidate the classroom knowledge, the teachers also arranged homework assignments. It is certain that through this stage of careful listening and timely completion of the homework, we can have a better understanding of the knowledge in these areas and apply it to later learning and research.

Image 5. Network Analysis class

After four days of study, UIUC arranged a trip to Springfield for us on Saturday. We visited the Illinois State Capitol, the Lincoln Museum, and the home and cemetery of President Lincoln in Illinois. Throughout the visit, staff members introduced us to the relevant historical knowledge of various attractions, which gave us a deeper understanding and respect for the president. At the same time, this day's tour also allowed us to further experience the local community culture in the United States. Through this day's rest, I believe that everyone can participate in the next week's study with a more positive attitude.

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