Busy but Fulfilling DaysWeek 3---Undergraduate Students from the College of Optical Science and Engineering did Scientific Research in Boston University during 2018 Summer

Jul 28

As time flies, this is the third week that we have come to Boston. After a short period of time, feeling novel and curious, we are now familiar with the life here. With the guidance of professors and graduate students, our researches are on the right way.

The Photonics Center, Boston University, has a strong atmosphere. People discuss academic issues everywhere in the building. There is a Journal Club every Friday, which invites authoritative professors or excellent graduate students to present their academic ideas and welcome all the people who are interested in the topic to listen and give out their own opinions. We are all influenced by this kind of atmosphere and enthusiastically participate in the research of our own projects. Almost all of us met the problems that there is, more or less, content of the projects that we havent learnt before. So we have to put more effort in the research. Thanks to the patient guidance of the professors and graduate students and our own diligent study, research projects are carried out pretty well. In addition to literature reading and experiment, we participate in the group meeting every week, report the progress of the previous week and discuss the problems that we encountered. At first, we found it is difficult to discuss academic issues in English. However, after continuous practice, we improved our oral English and can express our opinions.

In addition to busy research life, we try to fulfill our life by holding some parties. On 24th July, we hold a birthday party for Yiming. After a days work, we bought a birthday cake and a special birthday hat, as well as some drinks. Then we eat together in a spicy pot restaurant which is Yimings favorite to celebrate his birthday.

While eating, we talked about interesting stories during our work and life. We made jokes about the expensive food in the restaurant, saying we can make money by selling rice which is one dollar per bowl in the restaurant. During the three weeks in Boston, we not only made great progress in academic research, but also learnt a lot about how to live abroad. This is of great help to studying domestic or foreign and work after graduation.

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