Hello, BostonWeek 1-2---Undergraduate Students from the College of Optical Science and Engineering did Scientific Research in Boston University during 2018 Summer

Jul 21

On July 9th, just after the end of the busy exam-week, we embarked on a journey to Boston, USA, and started our two-month summer research project. When we first arrived in Boston, we felt the unique appeal of American culture's diversity and tolerance: foreign friends from all over the world used their enthusiasm to answer questions for us, no matter it was about housing or transportation. Their enthusiasm helped us to adapt to life here quickly.

On the second day, we visited the Boston campus. Founded in 1839, Boston University is a top private institution with a long history and the third largest private university in the United States. The university has more than 29,800 students from 50 states and 125 countries, with a total of 4,700 overseas students. Because the Boston campus is distributed along the Charles River as a whole and it has a rectangular shape, there is basically no detour in the campus. From the west side of Commonwealth Avenue to the east, you can basically finish the campus. A characteristic of American universities is that some universities have their own churches. We visited the church in the center of the school, Marsh Chapel. Marsh Chapel was named after Daniel L. Marsh, former dean of Boston University. The church is entirely Gothic, with a wide interior and stained glass.

In the evening, we gathered together at to experience cooking by ourselves. This was our first time to have dinner together after we arrived in the United States. We tried a lot of cooking methods, and finally we chose to put all the dishes in one pot. Although we finally had dinner at 9 o'clock in the evening, everyone felt very happy and found that it was reallydelicious to put all the dishes in one pot. I think this could be the first skill to be harvested in this trip to United States.

At the weekend, we crossed the Harvard Bridge with adoration and visited the temple of science and engineering - MIT. The Harvard Bridge is the most prestigious of the many bridges leading to MIT. The length of the bridge does not use the "foot" of the English unit commonly used by Americans, nor the international unit "meter", but a unique unit smoot. There is no corresponding vocabulary in Chinese. In fact, this is an English surname. In 1958, a freshman from MIT called Oliver Sumter applied to join the Brotherhood. As part of the test of pranks, the body of Smatter was used as a tool by the friends of the Brotherhood to measure the length of the bridge.

On the second Friday, we visited famous Museum of Fine Art of Boston. MFA is the fifth largest museum in the United States, and it houses more than 450,000 works of art. From medieval works to modern times, including Europe, Asia, America, Oceania and other works, the collection is very diverse. The number of people visiting museums on that day was very large, and many of them were visiting with children. Under the leadership of the commentator, we have learned a lot about the background and significance of some of the works. This visit has opened up our horizons and made us feel the importance that American society attaches to its citizen.

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