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West-Lake Photonics Symposium Lecture Announcement

Oct 22,2018

Lecture Announcement:Slow light enabled nanophotonic devices on Photonic Crystal Platform

Oct 08,2018

Lecture Announcement:Past, Present and Future of Functional Printing of 2D Material Electronics and Optoelectronics and their Scalability

Aug 10,2018

Lecture Announcement:Mid-Infrared Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices and Their Applications: Present and Future Prospect

Jun 11,2018

Lecture Announcement:Contributions of Marine Sources to Atmospheric Aerosol Particle Concentrations and Growth

Jun 05,2018

Lecture Announcement:Impact of Lidars on Upper Atmospheric Science

Jun 05,2018

Lecture Announcement:Integrated chip scale devices for enhancing light matter interactions: Technology, features and potential applications

May 26,2018

Lecture Announcement:Controlling Thermal Radiation in Both Near- and Far-Field Regimes with 2D Materials

May 14,2018

Lecture Announcement: Measuring and Understanding Visual Appearance by Jon Yngve Hardeberg

Mar 21,2018

Lecture Announcement:"Time: The Enigma of Space & Time-Space Quantum Entanglement" by Prof. Francis T. S. Yu

Oct 13,2017

Lecture Announcement: "Photoacoustic Tomography: Beat Optical Diffusion and Diffraction" by Prof. Lihong V. Wang, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Oct 11,2013

Lecture Announcement: "THz photonics: bridging the “gap” and beyond " by Prof. Xi-Cheng Zhang, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA

Jun 14,2013

Lecture Announcement: IEEE Photonics Society Distinguished Lecture:"Polarization in fiber optics" by Prof. Lianshan Yan,Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

Apr 15,2013

Lecture Announcement: "New applications of light" by Dr. Cees Ronda, Philips Research, Shanghai

Apr 15,2013
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