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Summer Research in BostonSummary of 2019 Boston University Summer Internship

Sep 03

At 4:00 pm on August 29, 2019, US Eastern Time, we completed thepresentation of our projects at the Boston University Photonics Center, which heralded the successful conclusion of Boston's two-month summer research life.


The two-month summer research internship ended in a blink of an eye, facing the separation from our respective subject tutors and senior school sisters. At this moment, our hearts are full of resentment, full of nostalgia, and full of harvest and memories. After this summer research internship, we not only broadened our international vision, improved cultural literacy, exercised scientific research capabilities, but also experienced novel foreign life and colorful foreign culture. This trip to Boston has aroused our strong interest in foreign life and laid the foundation for our study abroad.

Boston is the capital and largest city of Massachusetts, and is one of the oldest and most culturally valuable cities in the United States. Based on the famous Charles River, there are world-famous universities such as MIT, Harvard and Boston University where we are located. The campus is quiet and convenient, and the subway crosses the campus. It is an ideal university for study and research. During these two months, we quietly and seriously carried out our research projects at the Photonics Center at 8 St. Mary's Street.

In the internship life of this research, we have gained a lot and have successfully completed the established issues. In the daily research activities, we face one problem after another, and through the guidance of the laboratory brothers and sisters and mentors, and the cooperation with the same group of students, we have mastered and explored the method in the face of scientific research problems. Our research topics include simulation of neuronal electrical stimulation, fabrication of single-cell modulated fiber optic photoacoustic emitters, super-resolution and histology applications in biology, computational bioimaging, multi-angle photo-responsive detectors, and super Fast femtosecond laser processing, as well as coupling the orbital angular momentum into the fiber. From theoretical research to simulation experiments, we have made great achievements in the past two months, made significant contributions to the respective subject laboratories, and have been appreciated by teachers. Some students also received recommendation letters from their respective tutors for this time, drawing a perfect ending of this scientific research journey.


Of course, the enriched summer study life is not only academic research, but also a colorful leisure time. After a busy day of scientific research, three or five friends went to one of them to try to cook their own meals and taste their own dinner. The smile was on everyone's face. At dusk in the evening, perhaps walking on the BU Bridge or the Cambridge Bridge, blowing the wind from the river, watching the golden sky and the river surface dyed by the setting sun, thousands of thoughts in our heart, in this time, the day's tiredness is almost nothing. Maybe a few friends on the weekend, come to Boston Downtown to experience the rich and colorful culture of the place, or walk the Freedom Trail to understand the status of this ancient city in American history, or to the beaches of Boston, blowing The sea breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, maybe you can go to the Harward, MIT located opposite the Charles River to have a look and enjoy the style of the world famous schools. And these are enriching the leisure life of our research.

Before leaving, our team took a group photo with the teacher of the BU, Yang Chen, who is in charge of the project, and others, presenting the beautiful gifts we prepared for them. Two months of research life is fleeting, but for us, this is an unforgettable time. We have improved our research skills, learned scientific research, learned to be independent, and gained friendship. This experience will leave a lot of enthusiasm in research, study and life after everyone in the team.


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