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KTH Students Visit ZJU for the Fourth Year

Jul 15

    During the summer of 2019, 16 undergraduate students of Engineering Physics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology got the opportunity to conduct physics projects at Zhejiang University, boost mutual exchanges and friendships with Chinese students, and improve their understanding about China and its culture.

    This is the fourth year that College of Optical Science and Engineering organized the program which was based on the Joint Research Centre of Photonics (a collective force of the world-class research teams on photonics from Zhejiang University, University of Rochester and KTH). During the three-week program, students were divided into 8 groups by their research projects which in some way concerned a wide range of photonics-related subjects, like imaging technique, micro-angiography, and fluorescence of optical fiber temperature sensors. Supervised by a ZJU professor and helped by several professors Ph.D. students, each student made full use of computer simulation in either MATLAB, COMSOL Multiphysics or FDTD Solutions to explore the results of the work.
    In the final week, each project was examined through a paper written in the style of a scientific report, covering the most relevant theoretical background as well as the results of the project. Apart from the paper, all groups gathered on the final day to hold presentations about their specific work, and one of them got the best group award. To top it all off, a farewell dinner was held on the same night.
    Aside from an exciting football match between the students from KTH and ZJU, they had a memorable tour around the picturesque city of Hangzhou at the weekend. Intoxicated with the West Lake, Lingyin Temple and other historical sites, they spent a good time experiencing the unique charm and beauty of the city.

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