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UIUC Summer School 2019 Week Two

Jul 30

After a week of adaptation, the second week of learning gradually hardened: the control system course requires everyone to do the homework with difficulty every day, and the data science course needs to complete the final project in only two nights in two days.

After two weeks of intense study, we gradually got a basic understanding of the signal system and the control principle; wehave askillful and elegantuseof Python's pandas, seaborn and other interesting and versatile libraries.

Control system:cute teacher with use content!

Prof.Petros combined the signal and system control in his courses. He also talked about the wide applications of the control system. Thanks to every days homework, we got a better understanding of what the teacher taught.

Data Science:Creative Class!

This course is co-taught by two teachers, we use Python notebook to learn Python at class. Through two weeks of studying and the tough group work of the final project, we have basically mastered the skills of data visualization by using Python. By the way, the hardwares here is really nice, we can use Airplay easily for the final presentation.

Final Project

On the afternoon of July 25th, we made our final presentations of data science creativity course. After two weeks of study, we college students not only learned how to analyze data with python, but also explored many methods and ideas of data visualizations. In the show, the data topics selected by each group were mostly different which includes NBA team records, population and GDP, Chicago crime, pizza restaurant and so forth. At the same time, the data visualizations created by each group were even more excellent. Beautiful color matching, delicate shapes and space layout, humanized interaction... all these amazing things brought us a admirable visual feast.

After the presentation, we were definitely fortunate to communicate with a ECE Ph.D student. He introduced us how to apply for a masters degree in a US university. Additionally, his internship and doctoral experience benefited us a lot.

ECEB Visit

At 2:30 pm on July 26, our group visited the ECEB (Electrical and Computer Engineering Building) of UIUC. The building was completed in 2014 and is a modern building with complete facilities and grandeur.

The one responsible for leading us is a PhD student here. Entering the gate, you will see a clean room. The laboratory is theNanotechnology Laboratory. After the tall yellow glass curtain wall, there is a variety of equipment, which gives us a strong sense of technology. Unfortunately, we did not have access to the lab.

After that, we visited the Robotics and Control Systems Laboratory, the Circuit Systems Laboratory, and the Optical Systems Laboratory. We were deeply impressed by the complete facilities and high-end instruments in the laboratories.

It is worth mentioning that the laboratory here is not only for ECE students. There is a lab called "Open Projects Lab". This lab is fully equipped, and students from different majors can turn their ideas into reality in this lab. This setting is worth learning.

During this visit, we learned a lot. We feel the relaxed and creative atmosphere here, which is very different from our experience in China. We also learned about how the lab works, which laid the foundation for our future studies.

Graduation Lunch

At noon on July 27th, Central Time, all ISE (Information Science and Engineering) students who participated in UIUC held a graduation lunch at UIUC Union after completing the two-week study of control system and data science creativity.

This graduation lunch was hosted by Mrs. Liu Meng, the principal of this program. After Mrs. Lius short but wonderful welcome speech, UIUCs Matt G expressed his recognition of the learning results of the students participating in the ISE project, and welcomed everyoneonce again.

Everyone had a deep conversation at the luncheon. During the conversation, the UIUC professor answered questions about the US master's student application and career planning. The professor told us that the US master's student application pays more attention to the students' interest in the field they are applying for and the research results completed in the field while valued the student's GPA. At the same time, he encouraged us to actively participate in various research groups, find our own interests in different scientific research processes, and accumulate experience. During the lunche, the professor also shared with us how he found his area of interest and his own research experience.

After lunch, Professor Wade and Professor Karle, who gave lectures to the students, took the stage to express their encouragement to everyone's learning results and were very satisfied with our efforts. Immediately afterwards, student representative Lin Mengxin of Zhejiang University gave a speech on behalf of all the students who participated in the projectand expressed their feelings about participating in the project.

Finally, the professors jointly issued a certificate of completion for all students participating in the project and took a group photo.

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