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List of Submitted Full Papers

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Youqing Wang, Changyu Shen, Weimin Lou and Fengying Shentu , " Polarization-dependent refractive index fiber-optic sensor based on the core-offset with a taper ", received on 6-Sep-2015.

Fenghong Chu, Jianping Wu , " Measuring Acetone Using Microstructured Optical Fiber and Raman Spectroscopy ", received on 7-Sep-2015.

Yufeng Tao, Ming Wang, Dongmei Guo and Jiahuan Zhang , " Direct phase extraction of self-mixing displacement measurement using Hilbert transform ", received on 17-Sep-2015.

Bo Liang, Shuang Liu, Lina Guo, Dejun Chen, Yong Liu, Zhiyong Zhong, Liufeng Xiong , " Study of humidity on the structure and optical properties of cesium iodide thin film ", received on 18-Sep-2015.

Y M Song, J W Li and F H Cai , " Fast Perturbation Monte Carlo simulation for heterogeneous medium and its utilization in functional near-infrared spectroscopy ", received on 14-Oct-2015.

Tang Tian-jin, Zhang Zhuo,Wang Bao-hua , " Design of visible/infrared double-band spectral imager ", received on 20-Oct-2015.

Y L Wang, L Y Chen, Q K Liu, F H Cai, and J Qian , " The ordering alignment of gold nanorods in liquid crystals and its applications to polarization-sensitive SERS ", received on 20-Oct-2015.

Weimin Lou, Changyu Shen, Fengying Shentu, Guanghai Li, Yu Chang, and Xinyuan Lu , " High Accuracy Tiny Crack Detection in the Mental by Low Frequency Electromagnetic ", received on 2-Nov-2015.

Weimin Lou, Debao Chen, Changyu Shen, Yanfang Lu, Huanan Liu and Jian Wei , " An optical liquid level sensor based on core-offset fusion splicing method using polarization-maintaining fiber ", received on 2-Nov-2015.

Liyong Ren, Yiping Xu, Chengju Ma, Yingli Wang, Xudong Kong, Jian Liang, Haijuan Ju, Kaili Ren, Xiao Lin , " Optical microfiber knot resonator (MKR) and its slow-light performance ", received on 3-Nov-2015.

Mingyu Li, Yong Liu, Yangqing Chen and Jian-Jun He , " Silicon-on-Insulator Nanowire Based Optical Waveguide Biosensors ", received on 4-Nov-2015.

Bing Zhang, Kai Pang, Chunfei Shi, Yi Sun, Wei Dong, and Xiaoping Wang , " Micro-nano Structurized Gold Chip for SPR Imaging Sensor ", received on 4-Nov-2015.

Zheng Guangwei, Wang yang , " Analysis of Relationship between Wavelength Selectivity and Angular Selectivity of Rugate coating ", received on 5-Nov-2015.

Zheng Guangwei , " Reflective Characteristics of Spatially-Bounded Laser Beam by Rugate coating ", received on 5-Nov-2015.

Shaowei Wang, Xinyuan Zhao, Hequn Zhang, Fuhong Cai1, and Jun Qian , " Three-Photon Luminescence of Gold Nanorods Excited by 1040 nm Femtosecond Laser for High Contrast Tissue and In Vivo Imaging ", received on 5-Nov-2015.

Shulian Wu, Yuanyuan Peng, Liangjun Hu, Xiaoman Zhang and Hui Li , " Classification and recognition of texture collagen obtaining by multiphoton microscope with neural network analysis ", received on 5-Nov-2015.

Xianjing Zhang, Jian Bai, and Shuang Yin , " The optical design of highly efficient cold shield in IR detector based on ASAP ", received on 5-Nov-2015.

Botao Wu, Yingxian Xue, Qiang Ma, Chengjie Ding, Youying Rong, Yan Liu, Lingxiao Chen, E Wu and Heping Zeng , " Plasmonic Fano resonances in compositional heterogenous Al-Au nanorod dimers ", received on 5-Nov-2015.

Qun Liu, Jian Bai, and Yujie Luo , " Design of high resolution panoramic endoscope imaging system based on freeform surface ", received on 6-Nov-2015.

Jia Luo, Jian Bai, and Kaiwei Wang , " Full-aperture long focal-length measurement based on divergent beam ", received on 6-Nov-2015.

Yuanyuan Peng, Shulian Wu, Dongqing Peng, Zhifang Li and Hui Li , " Photoacoustic sensor of Temperature with Linear-shaped light source ", received on 7-Nov-2015.

Yi-zhi Sun, Yang Yu, Hui-lan Liu, Zhi-yuan Li and Wei Ding , " Optical microfiber-based photonic crystal cavity ", received on 8-Nov-2015.

Long Zhou, Mingyu Li, Longhua Tang and Jian-Jun He , " Gold/Silicon nanowire arrays modified by Gold nanosphere as the surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrate ", received on 9-Nov-2015.

Qinghai Song, Nan Zhang, Huilin Zhai, Shuai Liu, Zhiyuan Gu, Kaiyang Wang, Shang Sun, Zhiwei Chen, Meng Li, Shumin Xiao , " High Q Factor and Chirality in Photonic Molecule and Microcavity Chain ", received on 9-Nov-2015.

Chun Qin, Haijun Zhang, Rui Xu, Xu Han and Shuying Wang , " A Novel Atomic Force Microscope with Multi-Mode Scanner ", received on 9-Nov-2015.

Yuhan Tian, QunHao, Yao Hu, Shaopu Wang, Tengfei Li, Jingxian Wang , " Implement of Digital Moiré technique on DSP for alignment of partial compensation interferometer ", received on 9-Nov-2015.

Jingxian Wang, Qun Hao, Yao Hu, Shaopu Wang, Tengfei Li, Yuhan Tian, Lin Li , " Convex Aspherical Surface Testing Using Catadioptric Partial Compensating System ", received on 9-Nov-2015.

Tianyi Guo, Chao Yu, Haifeng Li, Chen Su, Yinxu Bian and Xu Liu , " Microlens Array Diffuser with Randomly Distributed Structure Parameters ", received on 10-Nov-2015.

Wenzhao Sun, Zhiyuan Gu, Shumin Xiao, Qinghai Song , " PT symmetry breaking induced 3D light confinement in hybrid plasmonic cavity ", received on 10-Nov-2015.

Y. Xu, X. L. Hu, L.B. Sun, L.S. Wang, S.Q. Ding, J. Liu, J.Z. Jiang and D. X. Zhang , " System of Thermal Micro/Nano Printing and its Application in Metallic Glass Film ", received on 10-Nov-2015.

Zhiyuan Gu, Nan Zhang, Quan Lyu, Meng Li, Shumin Xiao, Qinghai Song , " Experimental demonstration of PT-symmetric stripe lasers ", received on 10-Nov-2015.

Shuai Liu, Jiankai Li, Xiang Wen and Qinghai Song , " Deformed microdisk based end-fire injection resonator ", received on 11-Nov-2015.

Jian Wu, Peng Xiu, Luhong Jin, Di Nan, Cuifang Kuang, Xiaoxiang Zheng, Yingke Xu and Xu Liu , " A New Method for Axial Decay Function Calibration of Evanescent Field in Multi-Angle Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy ", received on 5-Nov-2015.

Dong-qing Peng, Yuan-yuan Peng,Shu-lian Wu and Hui Li , " An Incorporate Ultrasonic Coupling Device for Long-Focal-Zone Photoacoustic Imaging System ", received on 16-Nov-2015.

Kaiyang Wang, Zhiyuan Gu, Wenzhao Sun, Jiankai Li, Shumin Xiaoand Qinghai Song , " Light Confinement and Amplification in Microfiber on High Refractive Index Substrate ", received on 16-Nov-2015.

Hui Zou, Bing Zhang, Zhigang Tao and Xiaoping Wang , " A Finger Vein Identification Method Based on Template Matching ", received on 13-Nov-2015.



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