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The AOM 2015 will present the most recent advances in the fields of micro/nano-optics and optoelectronics, especially the new ideas and concepts in modeling, fabrication and testing of photonic materials, structures, devices and systems, and their applications.
The topics include, but not are limited to:
⁃ Nanostructures, nanomaterials, and their fundamental properties
⁃ Fabrication, processing and applications of optoelectronic materials and devices
⁃ Optoelectronic and photonic integration
⁃ Microcavity lasers and nanolasers
⁃ Single photon sources and semiconductor photon counting devices
⁃ Organic optoelectronic devices
⁃ Fiber-based optics and photonics
⁃ Surface plasmonics
⁃ Photonics crystals
⁃ Quantum dots
⁃ Metamaterials and negative refractive index materials
⁃ Super-resolution and nanoscopy
⁃ Multi-dimensional optical microscopy
⁃ Optical micro-manipulation for particles
⁃ Molecular detection & imaging
⁃ Nanosensors and nanoprobes
⁃ Biophotonic cellular investigation
⁃ Ultrafast laser machining
⁃ Micro-Meso-Nano-Metrology
⁃ Resolution enhancement techniques
⁃ Interferometric and diffractive methods
⁃ Holographic and speckle techniques
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